Link REIT's Choi Yuen Plaza (Photo: Link REIT)Link REIT's Choi Yuen Plaza (Photo: Link REIT)

Hong Kong-listed Link REIT confirmed with REITsWeek on 6 July that it has met with Hong Kong chief secretary Carrie Lam on the same day.

Local media reports suggest that the meeting is linked to concerns over escalating rents and the future of small tenants at properties run by the REIT.

In a report published by the South China Morning Post in June 2016, Hong Kong chief executive Leung Chun-ying questioned whether incentive packages for those running the REIT was in public interest.

In an official statement, Link REIT said that Lam met with its Chairman Nicholas Allen and CEO George Hongchoy "in a friendly atmosphere" to discuss the REIT's business strategy and future development.

The REIT also reiterated that it welcomes communication with various stakeholders, including government officials, local communities and district groups.

"Going forward, Link [REIT] will continue to advance its mission to serve and enhance the lives of those around it", said the REIT in its statement, stopping short of providing any other details on the meeting.

Link REIT owns and manages a number of properties that once belonged to the Hong Kong government, including 155 car parks, 131 malls and 78 markets. Its units last changed hands on the HKEX at HKD52.60.

By Anushia Kandasivam

Anushia Kandasivam is REITsWeek's Asia-Pacific writer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She writes on a broad range of topics and is especially keen on financial matters.