PINNED POST: the reporting season for 1Q 2021 is in full effect. To avoid cluttering our editorial coverage with routine results announcements that can be found online, we have tabulated the results here for your reference, and will update it upon disclosure by the various REITs. 

Fundamental data from the respective REITs are also updated into the Singapore REITs table upon results release. 

REITPeriodRevenue (SGD'000)Y-on-Y (%)DPU SGD centsY-on-Y (%)
PRIME US REIT1Q 2135,9402.5--
UHREIT1Q 2113,500-1.9 (F)--
Sasseur REIT1Q 2132,30027.81.75931.9
EC World REIT1Q 2130,80230.91.53232.3
FLCT1H 21231,70195.13.809.5
AIMS APAC REITFY 21122,6333.28.95-5.8
First REIT1Q 2119,348-330.65-65.1
OUE C-REIT1Q 2174,700-3.9--
FHT1H 20/2139,900-36.20.17945.5
FEHT*1Q 2121,303-6.9--
MINTFY 20/21447,20310.212.552.5
LMIRT1Q 2143,608-27.60.08-32.8
MCT2H 20/21257,582-1.55.3257.9
SGREIT*3Q 20/2146,400-0.6--
CICT*1Q 21334,80063.9--
PLife REIT1Q 2129,9990.43.577.4
FCT1H 21173,61573.85.9964.5
MNACTFY 20/21391.410.46.175-13.3
MLT4Q 20/21157,02422.62.1615.5
Keppel REIT*1Q 2151,60022--
KDC REIT1Q 2166,68510.62.46218.1
KORE1Q 2134,600-2.1--
SPH REIT2Q 21139,9584.91.243.3
* Half-year distributions not in effect for period indicated

By Shariffa Al-Habshee

Shariffa joined REITsWeek in 2017, and monitors Asia-Pacific REITs for the publication.