About Us

REITsWeek was established in January 2013 and our paid readership consists primarily of family offices, boutique funds, insurance companies, REIT professionals, and other institutional investors.

We may not enjoy large audiences associated with broadsheets, but we have a very focused clientele who are more discerning about information they receive in terms of depth.

Our current editorial team consists of freelance contributors, and two of the following staff:

Ridzwan Ridzwan Rahmat is based in Singapore, and has been continuously vested in a number Singapore-listed equities, including REITs, since 2008. He is particularly passionate about listed real estate investment securities as an equity class.
Shariffa Shariffa Al-Habshee is REITsWeek's Asia-Pacific writer based in Singapore. She has been vested in REITs, mostly Mapletree REITs, since 2009.