The following is a list of Asia-Pacific REITs and Listed Real Estate Securities that we are currently covering. Should you want to get in touch with our editorial team with media releases for your REIT or property trust, please contact us here.

REIT / Trust
Primary Type
DBS Rating
OCBC Rating
Maybank Rating
DBS Target
OCBC Estimate
Maybank Target
Accordia Golf TrustSpecialised Trust-
AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT<a href="">Industrial REIT</a>
Ascendas Hospitality TrustHospitality Trust
Ascendas India Trust<a href="">Industrial REIT</a>SGD1.12 (BUY)
Ascendas REIT<a href="">Industrial REIT</a>BUY ↕️SGD2.68 ↕️
Ascott REITHotels & Resorts REITHOLD ↕️SGD1.16 ⬇️
BHG Retail REITRetail REIT
Cache Logistics Trust<a href="">Industrial</a&gt;SGD0.77
Cambridge Industrial Trust<a href="">Industrial</a&gt;
CapitaLand Commercial Trust<a href="">Office REIT</a>BUY ↕️SGD1.69 ↕️
CapitaLand Retail China TrustRetail REITSGD1.60 (BUY)BUY ↕️SGD1.56 ↕️
CapitaLand Retail TrustRetail REIT
CDL Hospitality TrustHotels & Resorts REITSGD1.46 (HOLD)
Croesus Retail TrustRetail Trust
EC World REIT<a href="">Industrial REIT</a>
Far East Hospitality TrustHotels & Resorts REIT
First REITHealth Care REITHOLD ↕️SGD1.32 ↕️
Frasers Centrepoint TrustRetail REITBUY ↕️SGD2.28 ↕️
Frasers Commercial Trust<a href="">Office REIT</a>
Frasers Hospitality TrustHotels & Resorts REIT
<a href="">Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust</a><a href="">Industrial REIT</a>SGD1.10 (BUY)BUY ↕️SGD1.08 ↕️
IREIT Global<a href="">Office REIT</a>
Keppel DC REITSpecialised REITBUY ↕️SGD1.39 ↕️
Keppel REIT<a href="">Office REIT</a>
Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail TrustRetail REIT
Manulife US REIT<a href="">Office REIT</a>
Mapletree Commercial TrustRetail REIT
Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust<a href="">Office REIT</a>BUY ↕️BUY ↕️SGD1.11 ↕️SGD1.08 ↕️
Mapletree Industrial Trust<a href="">Industrial REIT</a>BUY ↕️BUY ⬆️SGD1.90 ↕️SGD1.88 ⬆️
Mapletree Logistics Trust<a href="">Industrial REIT</a>
<a href="">OUE Commercial REIT</a><a href="">Office REIT</a>SGD0.65 (HOLD)
OUE Hospitality TrustHotels & Resorts REITBUY ⬆️SGD0.75 ↕️
Parkway Life REITHealth Care REIT
Sabana REIT<a href="">Industrial REIT</a>
Saizen REITResidential REIT
Soilbuild Business Space REIT<a href="">Industrial REIT</a>
YTL Starhill Global REITRetail REITSGD0.85 (BUY)SGD0.86 (BUY)
Suntec REIT<a href="">Office REIT</a>SGD0.80 (BUY)
Viva Industrial TrustIndustrial Trust

Australia REITs and Listed Real Estate Securities
Australian REITs were previously known as Listed Property Trusts (LPT) prior to 2008. It was later renamed to REITs to be consistent with international terms. Property trusts have existed in Australia as early as the 1970s as an alternative to direct property investments, allowing thousands of Australians to own stakes in listed property trusts via the ASX.

  1. 360 Capital Industrial Fund
  2. Abacus Property Group
  3. Agricultural Land Trust
  5. ALE Property Group
  6. Aspen Group
  7. Astro Japan Property Group
  8. Australand Group
  9. Australian Education Trust
  10. Australian Social Infrastructure Fund
  11. BWP Trust
  12. Brookfield Prime Property Fund
  13. BlackWall Property Fund
  14. Carindale Property
  15. Centro Retail Group
  16. CFS Retail Property Trust
  17. Challenger Diversified Property
  18. Charter Hall Group
  19. Charter Hall Retail REIT
  20. CVC Property Fund
  21. Commonwealth Property
  22. Coonawarra Australia
  23. Cromwell Property Group
  24. DEXUS Property Group
  25. Federation Centres
  26. Galileo Japan Trust
  27. Generation Healthcare REIT
  28. Goodman Group
  29. GPT Group
  30. Growthpoint Properties Australia
  31. Investa Office Fund
  32. ING Real Estate Community Living
  33. Lantern Hotel Group
  34. MacarthurCook Property Securities Fund
  35. Real Estate Capital Partners USA Property Trust
  36. RNY Property Trust
  37. P-REIT
  38. Shopping Centres Australasia Property Group
  39. Stockland
  40. Trafalgar Corporate
  41. Trinity Limited
  42. US Masters Residential Property Fund
  43. Westfield Group
  44. Westfield Retail Trust

Hong Kong REITs and Listed Real Estate Securities
The Hong Kong REIT code was enacted in 2003. However it was not until 2005 when the first REIT in Hong Kong came into existence with the establishment of the Link REIT. Hong Kong may be home to a bevy of world class properties. But its limited land space could mean that the territory may need to look abroad for expansion into cross border REITs. The following REITs are currently listed on the Honh Kong Stock Exchange (SEHK).

  1. Champion REIT
  2. Fortune REIT
  4. Hui Xian REIT
  5. Link REIT
  6. Prosperity REIT
  7. Regal REIT
  9. Sunlight REIT

Japan REITs and Listed Real Estate Securities
Despite being home to Asia's largest REIT market, Japanese real estate investors experienced a generally lacklustre period this past decade. However bright sparks have emerged in recent years in the Japanese REIT landscape as rental rates and property prices start to rise while foreign players start to participate. The following REITs are currently listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).

  1. Activia Properties
  2. Advance Residence Investment Corporation
  3. Daiwa Office Investment Corporation
  4. Daiwa House REIT Investment Corporation
  5. Daiwa House Residential Investment Corporation
  6. Frontier Real Estate Investment Corporation
  7. Fukuoka REIT Corporation
  8. Global One Real Estate Investment Corporation
  10. Hankyu REIT
  11. Heiwa Real Estate REIT
  12. Ichigo Real Estate Investment Corporation
  13. Industrial & Infrastructure Fund Investment Corporation
  14. Invincible Investment Corporation
  15. Japan Excellent
  16. Japan Hotel REIT Investment Corporation
  17. Japan Logistics Fund
  18. Japan Prime Realty Investment Corporation
  19. Japan Real Estate Investment Corporation
  20. Japan Rental Housing Investments
  21. Japan Retail Fund Investment Corporation
  22. Kenedix Realty Investment Corporation
  23. Kenedix Residential Investment Corporation
  24. MID REIT
  25. Mori Hills REIT Investment Corporation
  26. Mori Trust Sogo REIT
  27. Nippon Building Fund
  28. Nippon Accommodations Fund
  29. Nomura Real Estate Office Fund
  30. Nomura Real Estate Residential Fund
  31. Orix JREIT Inc
  32. Premiere Investment Corporation
  33. Starts Proceed Investment Corporation
  34. Sekisui House SI Investment Corporation
  35. Tokyu REIT
  36. Top REIT
  37. United Urban Investment Corporation

Malaysia REITs and Listed Real Estate Securities
Malaysia once led the Asian region in its effort to embrace the REIT business model in the early 1990s. Today an increasingly affluent population with an appetite for property investments has spurred M-REIT markets to greater heights. A brief history and overview of the M-REIT market can be found here. The following REITs are currently listed on the Bursa Malaysia (MYX:1818).

  1. Al-Hadharah Boustead REIT
  2. Al-Aqar Healthcare REIT
  3. AmanahRaya REIT
  5. Atrium REIT
  6. Axis REIT
  7. CapitaMalls Malaysia REIT
  8. Hektar REIT
  10. Pavilion REIT
  11. Quill Capita Trust
  12. Starhill REIT
  13. Sunway REIT
  14. Tower REIT
  15. UOA REIT

Singapore REITs and Listed Real Estate Securities
The first S-REIT was launched to the public in 2002. Today Singapore is home to the region's most dynamic REIT market, with the S-REIT indexes constantly triumphing regional economic indicators. A brief history and overview of the S-REIT market can be found here. The following REITs are currently listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX:S68).

  2. Ascendas Hospitality Trust
  3. Ascendas India Trust
  4. Ascendas REIT
  5. Ascott Residence Trust
  6. CACHE Logistics Trust
  7. Cambridge Industrial Trust
  8. CapitaCommercial Trust
  9. CapitaMall Trust
  10. CapitaRetail China Trust
  11. CDL Hospitality Trusts
  12. Far East Hospitality Trust
  13. First REIT
  14. Fortune REIT
  15. Frasers Centrepoint Trust
  16. Frasers Commercial Trust
  17. K-REIT Asia
  18. Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail Trust
  19. Mapletree Commercial
  20. MapleTree Industrial Trust
  21. Mapletree Logistics Trust
  22. Parkway Life REIT
  23. Saizen REIT
  24. Sabana REIT
  25. Starhill Global REIT
  26. Suntec REIT

South Korea REITs and Listed Real Estate Securities
REITs were first introduced in the Korean market in 2001 to restructure the economy and revitalize a real estate market that has been been in the doldrums since the the Asian currency crisis. A unique feature of the South Korean REIT scene are securities known as the Corporate Restructuring REITs (CR-REITs) which were introduced to allow investors to participate in real estate held by corporate and financial institutions for a definite period of time while these institutions restructure. The following REITs are currently listed on the Korea Exchange (KRX).

  1. e-Corea REIT
  2. Golden Narae REIT
  3. K-Top REITs
  4. KB-Bookook REIT
  6. KOCREF 8
  7. Kwang Hee REIT
  8. Trus Y 7 REIT

Taiwan REITs and Listed Real Estate Securities
REITs in Taiwan began with the Real Estate Securitization Law that was passed in 2003. But the first REIT was not to list till 2005. However strict regulations and rigid investment criterion have stymied the growth of the REIT market in the territory and the past years have witnessed a dearth of REIT IPOs. On top of this, a couple of prominent REITs have been liquidated. The following REITs are currently listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSEC).

  1. Cathay No.1 REIT
  2. Cathay No.2 REIT
  3. Fubon No. 1 REIT
  4. Fubon No. 2 REIT
  5. Gallop No. 1 REIT
  6. Kee Tai Star REIT
  7. San Tin REIT
  8. Shin Kong No.1 REIT
  9. Trident REIT

Thailand REITs and Listed Real Estate Securities
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Thailand approved the establishment of REITs from June 2012. However numerous listed property trusts have existed in the country prior to this. These trusts are expected to progressively convert to the REIT structure in times to come in order to enjoy the favourable tax rulings that come with it. The following Property Trusts and REITs are currently listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).

  1. 101 Montri Storage Property Fund
  2. Baan Sansiri Property Fund
  3. Bangkok Commercial Property Fund
  4. BOA Apartment Property Fund No. 1
  5. Centara Hotels & Resorts Leasehold Property Fund
  6. Central Plaza Hotel
  7. CPN Retail Growth Property Fund
  8. Dusit Thani Freehold & Leasehold Property Fund
  9. Future Park Leasehold Property Fund
  10. Gold Property Fund
  11. ING Agricultural Distribution
  12. ING Funds
  13. JC Leasehold Property Fund
  14. Luxury Real Estate Investment Fund
  15. Major Cineplex Lifestyle Leasehold Property Fund
  16. Mercure Samui Property Fund
  17. Metro Star Property Fund
  18. MFC Property Wealth Fund
  19. MFC-Nichada Thani Property Fund
  20. MFC-Nichada Thani Property Fund 2
  21. MFC-Strategic Storage Fund
  22. MFC-WHA Premium Factory and Warehouse Property Fund
  23. Millionaire Property Fund
  24. Multi-National Residence Fund
  25. Prime Office Leasehold Property Fund
  26. Property Perfect Fund
  27. Quality Hospitality Leasehold Property Fund
  28. Quality Houses Property Fund
  29. Sala @Sathorn Property Fund
  30. Samui Airport Property Fund
  31. Sub Sri Thai
  32. T.U. Dome Residential Complex Leasehold Property Fund
  33. Talaad Thai Leasehold Property Fund
  34. Tesco Thailand REIT
  35. Thai Commercial Investment Fund
  36. Thai Industrial Property Fund 1
  37. Thai Retail Investment Property Fund Investment
  38. Ticon Property Fund
  39. Tpark Logistics Property Fund
  40. Trinity Property Fund
  41. UOB Apartment Property Fund No.1
  42. Urabana Property Fund
  43. Urbana Sathorn Leasehold Property Fund

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